Why Serviced Apartments Are Great for Travel and Leisure

Relax and unwind through travel and find out why staying in a serviced apartment on your next adventure is a smarter choice

Are you thinking of a way to celebrate an upcoming occasion? One of the best options is to create memorable experiences through travel. Travelling gives us the freedom to create memories as we explore. A great partner for our travel goals is a good place to stay in. We have tons of options but looking at serviced apartments is a fun way to start the planning process!

Nowadays, traveling has been one of the main things people spend their money on.
According to a Forbes article, the younger generation is choosing experiences over accumulating stuff. They rather spend on travel goals instead of buying the latest gadgets. The demand of going on vacations or staycations is on the rise. Traveling and recreation creates a positive impact to our overall health and well-being. 1) Another interesting insight is that travel makes our body stronger by making our immune system more adaptable to different environments. Exposure to more places positively affects our bodies because our body gets to adapt to thousands of new bacteria eventually making use more resilient and capable of repelling diseases. 2)

We all need a quick break from our fast paced lives. Travelling allows us to feel refreshed and it makes us mature in a sense. As we expand and meet new people, we also expand our capacity to empathize, to learn and to adapt. We also get to experience various cultures in be more globally aware on what is happening in different places. (3) Having said all these, surely you are even more excited to complete your travel bucket list.

When looking at the towns or countries you will visit, another factor to consider is the place you will be staying in during the course of your travel. It’s best to make sure that you’ll be comfortable in your chosen accommodation. Nowadays, there’s a smarter option you can now consider like staying in serviced apartments. There are trusted developers that allow short term stays for travelling families and individuals.

Among the best developers in the market is Rockwell Land. One of its properties, Aruga by Rockwell, is among the most promising serviced apartments in the Metro. Carrying Rockwell’s signature brand of exclusivity and luxury for its patrons, Aruga by Rockwell introduces a premium experience of hotel and leisure. They have serviced apartments available for all types of travelers, whether those from other parts of the Philippines or foreigners who are looking for an exclusive community during their stay in Manila.

Renowned for its attention to detail, Rockwell takes pride in providing foresight for the little things against the backdrop of outstanding, yet sincere hotel service. Aruga by Rockwell has apartments crafted to suit the needs of every kind of traveler, with units ranging from studios to one- and two-bedroom Makati accommodations that can fit the lifestyle of the jet-setting individual or the touring family.

Here are the reasons why a serviced apartment is great for travel and leisure.

The Comfort of a Home

Staying in a serviced apartment provides the feel of a real home with living and dining spaces. Get to enjoy your spacious living area, prepare meals in your own kitchen and take advantage of other necessities like laundry facilities. It allows you to live independently and have the option to do things your way while you travel. Serviced apartments are also more kid-friendly because it is not just a bedroom right away like most hotels. You can enjoy dedicated bedrooms and a separate living area to relax and unwind. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider staying in a serviced apartment on your next travel.

Leisure Activities

Find it all in one place. One of the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment is that is has leisure amenities that you and your family can enjoy. The development itself is a destination where you can make lasting memories. Swimming pools, restaurants and retail areas nearby are some options during your stay. You can also keep up with your work out regime because of the available gym facilities.

Safety and Security

Serviced Apartments give you much needed access to necessary facilities available to condominium owners as well. Aside from this, you will also get the assistance you need in cases of emergency. You know you are well taken cared of because these developments are monitored by security teams and customer service personnel 24/7. Have that peace of mind knowing that you will be staying in a place that is safe and secure.

Overall, traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences. As smart travelers, quality is becoming the main aspect considered by every family, couple and single adventurers. Opting to stay in a serviced apartment is a good place to start when it comes to accommodations. You will definitely feel that you made the right choice because it gives you the comforts of a home, access to leisure activities, and security services that makes your stay worry-free. Aruga by Rocvkwell have serviced apartments available for travelers for their short term stay here in Manila.

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