6 Factors that Make an Extraordinary Serviced Residence

6 Factors that Make an Extraordinary Serviced Residence

Time to consider these factors before getting a serviced suite for your short to long-term stay in Makati

Serviced suites are becoming among the more popular options for families and individuals looking for temporary accommodations. By definition, a serviced residence is a fully furnished unit available for short term and long term stay that provides hotel-like features and facilities such as room service, gym, laundry service, customer assistance and other home necessities. With these benefits, it’s no wonder serviced suites are becoming a choice these days for travellers.

According to the Department of Tourism, there’s a 7.59% significant increase of foreign tourists in the country this year. From last year’s total of 2.049 million visitors, this year, 2.204 million foreign tourists were recorded to visit the country in the first quarter of 2019. 1) Part of this tourist population is renting serviced apartments during their stay in the country. Meanwhile, adding up to the local market are families looking for convenience and end up renting instead of purchasing a condominium. Since everyone’s lifestyle is so fast-paced, people prefer long term temporary stays than fully committing for a full purchase of a property. Expatriates are also flocking in the country for leisure and business. Hence, the demand for serviced suites is increasing by the day.

Here are the six major factors that will help you decide which among your serviced residence options is truly extraordinary.

  1. Tastefully Designed Interiors 

Tastefully designed interiors must always be considered in finding the perfect serviced suite. One of the benefits of a well designed space is the proper allotment of space for easy movement. Everything has a purpose and more that aesthetics, it marries practicality in a creative way. Each space in the home is maximized by having sufficient storage area. Careful placement of furniture is also done so the air inside can freely flow. 2) A thoughtfully designed suite makes your home comfortable. Since much of your time is spent at home, the design makes it easy and effortless for you to live peacefully. If everything in your home is in order, then your life becomes easier. Having said this, functionality partnered with an excellent design improves your way of living.

  1. Fully Equipped Home Necessities

One of the best advantages of serviced suites is the complete home necessities, great for solo travelers or families. This includes a well-equipped kitchen, private bathroom, inviting dining area, relaxing living space, and comfortable beds. Complemented with the convenience of having access to a washer and dryer, iron and ironing board, and high-definition TV, these home necessities are perfect for all types of travelers, whether you are simply staying for business, R&R, or traveling with your family.

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  1. Hotel-like Amenities

Another factor to consider when you search for the best serviced residence is the available hotel-like amenities. Most travelers who prefer a serviced residence wants a relaxing-home and the comfort of luxury of hotel-like amenities. Some examples of these are:

  • Electronic key card access
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Business centers
  • Function and meeting rooms

These amenities are great for all types of travelers, whether they are staying for business, leisure, or with their families. Imagine having secure access to your unit and the convenience of daily housekeeping services. Meanwhile, those travelling for business can relax knowing that the serviced residence they are staying in has business centers where they can access printers and fast internet services. Also, knowing that there are available function and meeting rooms mean you can conduct your business anywhere.

  1. Leisure Activities and Facilities 

Availability of leisure activities and facilities is another crucial factor everyone needs to consider in searching for the right serviced residence for them.

Exposure to recreational activities especially nature-filled activities improve one’s overall well being. Walking in parks, jogging and strolls equate to a healthier routine that affects a person inside out. According to Dr. Laura L. Payne of the University of Illinois, leisure helps a person find balance in life and creates a unique approach into productivity. Participation in leisure activities creates a fuller experience of the home whether you own it or renting. (3) Overall, this factor must be considered before choosing a serviced residence for you and your family. Make sure to stay in a property that gives you the quality of life you deserve.

  1. 24-Hour Security 

Security is a major consideration when looking for a home or accommodation in any country. It’s best to look at how secure a place is when you are planning to stay there for a period of time. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and secured from the moment you step into your serviced residence until you leave. And that when you come back, your belongings and valuables are right where you left them. This also goes if you are travelling with your loved ones or family. So next time you look for serviced suites, consider 24/7 security and a 24-hour front desk to ensure you and your family’s safety and security.

  1. Stellar Service 

Of course, everyone deserves to receive stellar service from the management of your chosen residence. The fulfillment of every tenant doesn’t just lie on the interiors, security, amenities and leisure activities their property provides. Another crucial factor is the overall care and quality assistance given to you by your developer.

One of the trusted property developers in the country is Rockwell Land. They continue to raise the bar with community developments where residences, work spaces and lifestyle hubs all come together. All their condominiums and serviced suites are built and master planned with Rockwell’s signature of innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled quality. Aruga by Rockwell has a 24-hour front desk and 24-hour security that is ready to assist and assure all their guest’s welfare and safety. Rockwell believes in bringing an experience “Beyond Ordinary” and it shows not just on the external but it can be felt internally, meaning the stamp of stellar service can be seen within the staff, receptionists, and the entire management team of the company.

Finding an extraordinary serviced residence doesn’t have to be difficult. At the end of the day, it all boils down to quality, compassion and excellence. For those looking at a plethora of serviced suites available in the market; narrow down your list by going for a developer that has a proven track record of extraordinary developments paired with stellar customer service. Make your stay worth it by investing in the serviced suites of Aruga by Rockwell.

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