Why You Should Book Your Next Staycation at a Condo Hotel

Time to spend your much needed energy booster in a condo hotel. Here, you can enjoy the perks and leisure facilities of hotel apartments for rent but still feel warm and comfortable as if you are in a luxury home.

Effects of Stress

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often leads to experiencing daily stress. Project deadlines, business commitments, and traffic jams are just some of the triggers or factors that contribute to this. Stress poses a threat not just on our physical health but also on our emotional health. According to a source, stress triggers or stressors greatly affect a person’s well-being. To unhealthy individuals, stress poses threat in damaging one’s health. This can lead to complications and other stress caused illnesses because a person is physically more vulnerable to get sick when he/she is stressed, depressed or is suffering from anxiety. (1) Your mood, work productivity, and overall health are all affected by the level of stress you experience. In order to lessen and manage it, it’s best to pursue healthy activities such as making a conscious effort to rest.

Benefits of Relaxing and Resting

The goal is to be able to relax and have fun amidst our busy lifestyles and schedules. Making time to find enjoyment is also an important element of relaxation. Laughing positively affects a person by easing pain as it relaxes one’s muscles while it reduces anxiety. It is also good for the heart and lungs. (2) 

If you are finding it hard to devote time for relaxation, then there’s a higher possibility to get stressed. Being stressed for a long time, if not addressed, can lead to health issues. There must be a balance of work and rest as it gives way for us to recuperate so we can be more effective and creative in our daily life. We get to be more productive if we allot time to reset and relax for our bodies need regular recharging. (3) Doing fun activities are also a form of relaxation. Some like to walk by the beach or play sports, while others choose to stay indoors and meditate to reset their mind. Another way to relax and recharge is by spending quality time with loved ones on a staycation. 

Staycations are becoming more popular nowadays especially for couples and families. Parents working or managing a business long for more quality time to spend with their kids. One way to get rid of the stress is changing their environment, without shelling out too much but still experience being a valued guest. A great option to consider if you are already planning your much-awaited staycation is to spend it in a condo hotel. Here, you can make sure that you enjoy the perks and servicing of a hotel but still feel warm and comfortable as if you are in a luxurious home.

Aruga by Rockwell is among the most promising condo hotels that also offer hotel apartments for rent in the Metro. Carrying Rockwell’s signature brand of exclusivity and luxury for its patrons, Aruga by Rockwell provides hotel experience and leisure. Renowned for its attention to detail, Rockwell takes pride in providing foresight for the little things against the backdrop of outstanding, yet sincere hotel service. Aruga by Rockwell apartments are crafted to suit the needs of every kind of traveler, with units ranging from studios to one and two-bedroom Makati accommodations that can fit the lifestyle of every kind of traveler.

Quality Service 

One of the biggest factors to consider is to make sure you really take a break from work and experience hotel-like service during your staycation. All the little things matter from having 24/7 reception assistance, access to gourmet food and of course the overall feeling that you are a valued guest. All of these and so much more can be achieved when you book at a condo hotel for your staycation. 


Nothing beats a staycation that allows you to not just rest in your comfortable room but also enjoy leisure activities. Whether it’s swimming in an outdoor pool, getting a tan, working out in a gym, or eating a sumptuous meal in a café; you can do a lot of things while on a staycation. Create beyond ordinary memories with your family and loved ones through these exciting activities. Remember, you are recharging from your fast-paced life and spending time doing leisure activities is one way to make your staycation memorable.

Ambiance and Interior Finishing 

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a well designed suite as a reward for all the hard work they have done? Condo hotels’ interior finishing are at par with hotels that feel warm, cozy and pampered in all aspects. Remember, you are taking a break from all the stress so get a place tastefully designed for relaxation. Staying in a condo hotel gives you the perfect mix of that homey feel of your condominium while mixing it up with the overall design aesthetic of a hotel. Lighting, furniture, bedding, living room set up are just some of the aspects that make up the entire experience of a staycation.


Another good thing about staying in a condo hotel is that most of the time, they are placed in strategic areas where most of the primary commercial establishments are. Hence, it is easier to grab a bite, take a walk or shop. This is one important factor because we are talking about staycations here, usually you take them on a whim or with little planning time involved because you just want to savor a quick break from work or just spend a breather weekend with your family. Staycations in condo hotels are good because you can enjoy the perks of staying in a hotel and conveniently attend to your needs because of its location. Here you’ll have lesser travel time compared to doing a long drive to out-of-town vacation destinations. This means more quality time for you to spend with your loved ones! 

Having said all of these, it’s important to find time to rest for your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The next time you choose to have a staycation, make sure it is worry free and memorable at the same time. You may book at Aruga by Rockwell to make the most out of your staycation.


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